Our Credit Program ABC's

There are things we do well, and there are things we won’t do at all. Our loan documentation tells the story and comes with 3 schedules.

A wooden frame with a green background and white letters that read "A always B bank C character".

Schedule A – Collateral.

Always Collateral.  We’re not a venture capital fund, nor a consumer lender – but, we partner with those who are.  We can fund working capital (accounts receivable and inventory) and some start-up expenses. But, we are predominantly collateralized lenders.

Schedule B – Bank Information.

All payments are due on the 1st of each month, and remittance is through debit drafting of each borrower’s business bank account. Simple, effective and electronic servicing results in lowest possible financing costs.

Schedule C – Values, Transparency & Accountability.

Character is not just an underwriting assessment, it’s an ongoing part of the relationship.  So we spell it out, and it goes both ways.

  1. Ten Driving Values.  The ”special sauce” for PEP is the Inside/Outside strategy, where shared values drive everything we do.
    A collage of words that make up the 'Ten Driving Values'. The values include, excellence, accountability, integrity, wise stewardship, fun, execution, servant leader mentality, fresh start outlook, innovation, love.
  2. Transparency.  If it’s happening, we’re talking.
  3. Accountability.  If it’s not happening, we’re dealing with it.