Left: Burgess Owens - Former NFL Safety and GOP nominee for Utah House of Representatives;
Right: Jay Hein - President of Sagamore Institute

Mike Humphrey – Chairman, Commonwealth Donor Advisory Funds and former chairman of Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Social Impact

Connecting the dots …

There’s no shortage of capital; it’s just not connected.

Social Impact investing is at record high levels and increasing. Chartered banks and saving institutions have regulatory requirements to help meet the needs of borrowers in all segments of their communities, including those in low and moderate income (LMI) neighborhoods.  Still, capital accessibility for small businesses, including those founded by PEP graduates), is scarce. It’s a paradox of disconnection. Entre Capital was founded to be a connector, and in the process turn re-entry entrepreneurs into qualified borrowers.

The Community Reinvestment Act, first enacted in 1977, remains the cornerstone of financial regulations promulgating the Civil Rights Act, as well as economic community development. Subsequent revisions have introduced measurable criteria and enforcement standards. However, the fundamental constraint is that banks are not relieved from the “safety and soundness” standards of its lending practices.

Bank leverage is available. Our underlying credits require transformation.

An arrow with the text 'Social Impact 3X' inside it, points from a one hundred U.S. dollar bill to three one hundred U.S. dollar bills.

Multiplying social impact investment

Social impact investing is purposed for multiplication. Our ambition is to turn each invested dollar into three.

Our first tier capital is comprised of Donor Advisory Funds and other financial contributions. Funding is pooled by recipient tranches. We do not accept deposits or provide banking services.

Partner banks are provided the opportunity to supplement funding in senior secured position. Loan structures are designed to accommodate all applicable CRA requirements: lending activity, community development lending and community development investment. Additionally, we are engaging bank employees to participate in financial literacy and mentorship activities.

Investor Opportunities

If you have a heart for investing in 2nd chance businesses and would like to learn more about the impact multiplication which Entre Capital can provide, please contact us directly.  Donor Advisor Funds, and other tax-effective contributions, may be subject to minimum financial requirements.

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PEP 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year - Israel Itoria, with Maria Bravo, Bella Me Construction.

Three men, two standing in a truck bed and one standing in front of the truck bed, pose for the camera. The Truck bed is loaded with varying equipments.

From left to right: Ben Vines, iGrind Stumps; A.J. Thibodeaux, Preservation Tree Service; and Dugan Smith, Entre Capital contributor

How can we serve you?

Three men, two standing in a truck bed and one standing in front of the truck bed, pose for the camera. The Truck bed is loaded with varying equipments.

If you would like to learn more about Entre Capital, just drop us a line.  We’d love to connect.

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Rethinking Wealth

Click the video to watch Jay Hein's 2018 remarks casting vision for the Commonwealth model.