Unless you have a criminal record, we can't lend you money.

Entre Capital is the first community loan fund exclusively serving second-chance businesses.

As certified by the U.S. Treasury, Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund

For returning citizens, freedom isn’t as simple as completing a prison sentence.

Having a criminal record is a constant red flag, making it near impossible to secure small business financing.

With the U.S. holding the world’s highest incarceration rate , this reality creates an opportunity to transform the industry standard for commercial loans.


of the American adult working population has a criminal record


ex-offenders are released from prison every year


of employers will not contact a job applicant who has an arrest record

If you're ready to go,
let's grow!

At Entre Capital, we believe that returning citizens are more than a statistic. Our borrowers rock the house.

They're Hardened

Starting a business is hard. There are only two types of entrepreneurs—those who have been knocked down and those who are about to be. Our borrowers have already been down, multiple times, and are now modeling how to get back up.

They're Coachable

Mentored businesses survive 2x longer than those which aren’t (source SBA 2020 study). At Entre Capital, we combine competitively priced loan products with business mentoring and developmental assistance. We live this together.

They Pay It Forward

We don’t ask it; just hear it. All of our borrowers define success by the financial opportunity they’re creating for their brothers and sisters. We prime the pump—our borrowers carry the water.

our story

We started in prison.

Entre Capital is the wholly owned CDFI subsidiary of The Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP). The values and success of PEP underpin our success.

  • Since its inception in 2004, PEP has served over 3,000 incarcerated men in the State of Texas with a comprehensive in-prison and post-release re-entry program providing a true second chance through personal accountability and life transformation.

  • One hundred percent of PEP graduates are employed within 90 days of prison release at an average starting wage 68 percent above the minimum wage.

  • Over 500 businesses have been launched by PEP graduates with several generating annual revenues over $1 million.

  • PEP graduates have a three-year recidivism rate of 8 percent compared to the national average of 62 percent (Bureau of Justice Statistics, July 29, 2021).

our experience

Giving back is more powerful than giving in.

With decades of collective experience in finance, industry, and community relations, Entre Capital is uniquely qualified to provide seasoned advocacy to returning citizens. Our contributors include bank presidents, loan officers, C-suite executives, authors, and entrepreneurs.

“Everyone loves Habitat for Humanity, but that doesn’t mean we all need to work on houses to build our community. There’s something extra powerful that happens when we can utilize our real vocational skills in kingdom service.”

—Entre Capital contributor

capital strategy

Inclusion through connectivity.

Capital availability is not the problem. We just need to connect the pieces.

Impact Investors

As a non-profit entity, we offer social impact investors an immediate multiplication: every $1 tax-deductible donation translates to $2 of impact.

Bank Partnerships

Entre’s CDFI certification facilitates leverage through our partner banks, as our borrowings satisfy all regulatory requirements of the Community Reinvestment Act.

Credit Transformation

We go where no traditional lenders have gone before by wrapping developmental services around commercial loan products.

Pay It Forward

As our portfolio amortizes, we multiply again. Rinse, repeat.


The right resources can make all the difference.

It starts with money. But our success is measured by yours.

affordable pricing

Flexible terms
Collateral-based pricing
No penalties or hidden fees

Business formation

Startups—no problem
Include organizational costs
Business planning and budgets

Financial reporting

QuickBooks Online reseller
Bookkeeping assistance
Monthly reporting


Volunteer advocates
Technical resources
Cover your six

get started

Take the next step toward financial freedom.

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